National Insurance Co. Ltd.

National Insurance Co. Ltd.

Incorporated in 1906, National Insurance Company Limited (NIC), became a subsidiary of the General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC), a Government of India-owned entity after the General Insurance Business Nationalization Act was passed in 1972. After the notification of the General Insurance Business (Nationalisation) Amendment Act in 2002, NIC has been de-linked from GIC and as of now it is a Government of India undertaking. It has its registered office in Kolkata.

The area of business of NIC includes fire, marine and other insurance sectors. With more than 180 policies and 10 million policyholders, it is one of the leading public sector non-life insurance companies in India. It also has branches in Nepal and Hong Kong.

Baroda Health Policy



1) Room, Boarding expenses as provided by the Hospital/Nursing Home.

2) Nursing expenses.              

3) Surgeon, Anaesthetist, Medical Practitioner, Consultants, Specialists Fees.

4) Anaesthesia, Blood, Oxygen, Operation Theatre Charges, Surgical appliances, Medicines & Drugs, Diagnostic Materials and X-Ray, Dialysis, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Cost of pacemaker, Artificial Limbs and cost of organs and similar expenses.

5) Coverage options available: 8 slabs ranging from Rs 50,000/-to Rs 5,00,000/-.


1) Ambulance charges not exceeding Rs.1000/- (Rupees one thousand only) per Policy period.

2)  In case of Hospitalisation of children below 12 years, a lump sum amount  of Rs.1000/- (Rupees one thousand only) per policy period  towards the out-of-pocket expenses. The payment will be made on the basis of a declaration from the parent without insisting on any supporting bill/cash memo.

3) Cost of health check-up : It is allowed at the rate of 1% of the sum insured after completion of three continuous claim free years of policy/policies issued by National Insurance Company Ltd. only.

4) Pre & Post Hospitalisation Expenses for first 30 days and 60 days respectively.

5) Pre-existing diseases will be covered after three consecutive continuous claims free policy years in respect of all diseases provided, there was no hospitalisation for pre-existing ailment during such three years of insurance.


1.All diseases/injuries, which are pre-existing when the cover incepts for the first time.  This exclusion will be deleted after three consecutive continuous claims free policy years in respect of all diseases provided, there was no hospitalisation for pre-existing ailment during such three years of insurance.

2.Any hospitalization expenses incurred in the first 30 days from the commencement date of Insurance cover except in case of Injury arising out of accident.

3.During the 1st year of operation of insurance cover the expenses on treatment of diseases such as Cataract, Benign, Prostatic Hypertrophy, and Hysterectomy for Hemorrhagic, or Fibromyoma, Hernia, Hydrocele, congenital internal disease, Fistula in anus, Piles, Sinusitis and related disorders are not payable. If these diseases are pre existing it will be covered after three consecutive continuous claims free policy years.

4.Circumcision, vaccination or inoculation or change of life or cosmetic or aesthetic treatment of any description, plastic surgery other than as may be necessitated due to an accident or as apart of any illness.

5.Cost of spectacles and contact lenses, hearing aids.

6.Dental treatment or surgery of any kind unless requiring hospitalization.

7.Convalescence, general debility, run-down condition or rest cure, congenital external disease or defects or anomalies, Sterility, Infertility, Venereal disease, intentional self injury and use of intoxication drugs/alcohol, AIDS.

8.Charges incurred at Hospital or Nursing Home primarily for diagnosis purpose.

9.Expenses on vitamins and tonics unless forming part of treatment for injury or diseases as certified by the attending physician.

10.  Treatment arising from or traceable to pregnancy (including voluntary termination of pregnancy) and child birth (including Caesarean Section) and allied maternity benefits.

11.  Naturopathy Treatment.

12.  The benefits including continuity, enjoyed under the previous Policy/Policies, issued by any other Insurance Company shall not be available under this Policy.


(N.B. Company's Liability in respect of all claims admitted during the period of Insurance shall not exceed the Floater Sum Insured per FAMILY as mentioned in the schedule).

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