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Have been thinking of refurnishing your house? Want a holiday abroad? Yearning to buy a new Laptop? Need of urgent medical treatment? Daughter's marriage coming up? Child's admission to a professional college? A personal loan will meet your urgent need for cash.

Whenever you have an urgent need of cash, personal loan is the best way to take care of your cash crunch at a reasonable rate of interest. You don\'t have to give any security or collateral to the bank. Normally, the bank does not ask for guarantors either. Once you submit your application form and supporting documents, banks give approval within 72 hours to a maximum of seven days, provided everything is in order. Loan approval happens with minimum documentation and if you are an existing customer of the bank then even those documents are not required. All loan approvals are at the sole discretion of the bank. The bank is not concerned with the end use of the loan, but you need to furnish enough proof to show your capability to repay the loan.

Personal Loans can be used for anything and everything. There are no restrictions on the end use. You could use the loan money to finance anything from daughter\'s marriage to a holiday abroad. The bank is not concerned with the end use of the loan, if you have furnished enough proof to show your capability to repay the loan.

You can take a loan from any bank you like but start by checking out the best interests rate that the different banks have to offer. You should also check with the bank you have your salary account in for special discounts to existing customers. You can negotiate the rate with your bank. Also find out the eligibility criteria and the documents required before you apply.

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After getting rejected for a home loan by two banks I thought my wish of owning a home in a city like Mumbai will remain a dream. By chance I came to your site and applied for the loan.

What happened then was a smooth process. It's been my good luck to visit your site and get loan for my dream home.


- Deepak Gupta


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