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The LoanBoss Team

The LoanBoss Team works to gather interesting content from LB clients, our internal team members, and the world wide web. We hope you enjoy all of our thoughts with the boss.

Back to School — What That Means for Retail

As the summer comes to a close, schools are preparing to welcome back hundreds of thousands of kids in person. Cue the sounds of children crying and parents rejoicing.  And..

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Tech Talks — Commercial Real Estate Tech Solutions

CRE professionals deal with a lot of complex data. Adopting the right technology can help ensure your data is accurate so you can focus on innovation. We attended a few Tech Talks..

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How to Persuade Your Colleagues to Adopt the Technology You Want

Firms and individuals fall somewhere along the software adoption spectrum.  Teammates must navigate the internal dynamics of these different personas.  A relatively junior..

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National Retail Recovery 2021

We attended the 2021 National Retail Recovery webinar to find out where industry experts see the retail sector going. From upcoming trends to reactions to the pandemic, here's..

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New Deal Checklist: Fix vs Float

In our New Deal Checklist Pt 3, let's dig into fixed rates versus floating rates.  Is one rate type better than the other?

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Mistakes Were Made [3 Ways You Waste Time/Money on Manual Calculations]

Turns out, we’re all human.  Every single one of us has made a mistake at some point and we hope it didn’t bring down the company. Here are three common ways firms waste time or..

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Big Data — Let Commercial Real Estate Software Work for You

You don’t have a lot of data. Promise. You only have a lot of data relative to what you used to have.  

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New Deal Checklist: Prepayments (as an Effective Interest Rate)

In our New Deal Checklist Pt 2, we are putting your prepayment penalties in a whole new light.

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The Value of CRE Professionals is in the Last 2%

Those of us in the Commercial Real Estate space spend a lot of time compiling data, updating spreadsheets, and paging through docs.  All so we can run the fancy analysis that..

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