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Industry Insights

Adaptive Reuse: Repurposing Old/Underused Commercial Real Estate Buildings

Adaptive Reuse: Repurposing Old Commercial Real Estate

Reduce, reuse, recycle doesn't just apply to plastic. The idea of repurposing underused buildings isn't new but has recently been resurged due to a swift shift in commercial real..

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meet the team, dan roehl

Meet Dan Roehl

We sat down with Dan Roehl, Commercial Real Estate tech industry veteran and Director of Sales for LoanBoss. He’s got a unique perspective on the benefits of using a debt..

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one budget item you may have missed is technology

One Budget Item You May Have Missed is Technology

Are you like the rest of the world and currently budgeting for 2022? While thinking of the usual line items in your budget, one you may have missed is technology.  It's an easy..

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What do software companies and music artists have in common? There is no overnight success!

What do CRE software companies and music artists have in common?

The Best "New" Artist announced?... They've been doing it for 15 years. Well maybe not 15 years but the point is, there is no such thing as overnight success in the music industry..

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working from home blurs the lines between the residential and office sectors in commercial real estate

Working From Home — Blurring the Lines Between Residential and Office

Would you rather return to the office or work at home? Survey shows… a mix of both! Or rather, anything – as long as it’s not a full return to the office. The alternative?..

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debt is the most expensive cost center you're not thinking about

Debt is the Most Expensive Cost Center (You Don’t Think About)

Debt is core to real estate the same way fuel is to the airline industry, yet firms don’t manage debt as actively as airlines manage fuel. 

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defining return on investment for technology

Defining Return On Investment (ROI) of Commercial Real Estate Software

One of the biggest hurdles when pursuing new technology is defining Return On Investment (ROI).  Intuitively, you probably have a grasp of the benefits, but you need to put pen to..

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back to school and what that means for the retail industry

Back to School — What That Means for Retail

As the summer comes to a close, schools are preparing to welcome back hundreds of thousands of kids in person. Cue the sounds of children crying and parents rejoicing.  And..

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commercial real estate technological solutions

Tech Talks — Commercial Real Estate Tech Solutions

CRE professionals deal with a lot of complex data. Adopting the right technology can help ensure your data is accurate so you can focus on innovation. We attended a few Tech Talks..

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