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Industry Insights: Fintech

PropTech Trends

50 years ago, everyone thought it was crazy to use software to manage property accounting. But now CRE professionals probably can't imagine their lives without it. How long until..

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How To Easily Improve Collaboration

In many industries, particularly the commercial real estate sector, the move towards more collaboration and more engagement across teams has only accelerated since the beginning..

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How Data Analytics Are Used in Commercial Real Estate

In the modern economy, data powers modern enterprise. But data is a two-edged sword. Is your data good enough to be used, and do you have the ability to use it in a meaningful..

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To Build or to Buy Commercial Real Estate Software

To build or not to build, that is the question — well, it is in the tech world. For some pain points that we experience as commercial real estate professionals, it’s easy to see..

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How to Use Lender Compliance Software

We're always trying to find ways to make your life easier. Our latest achievement? Simplifying the lender reporting process. The process of adjusting NOI to the lender's..

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What is PropTech and How is it Changing the CRE/Multifamily Industry?

The idea of PropTech is a relatively new one. To some it’s considered a submarket of Fintech, but its scope is much more extensive than that. It represents a broad alignment..

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Top 3 Questions About CRE Software

The term "Commercial Real Estate software" is pretty self-explanatory but vague, we know — there are just so many different types and they all do different things! We're strong..

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Pandemic Proof Your Portfolio

As we approach year 3 of the pandemic, we’ve come to realize that there are still a lot of adjustments being made to the way we approach everything. Adaptability has become one of..

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top reports for commercial real estate budgeting

Top 5 Budgeting Reports For Commercial Real Estate Pros

It’s budgeting season! Are you currently running budget scenarios across your portfolio? Have you started pulling together your budgeting reports? LoanBoss has the ability to..

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