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Industry Insights: Fintech (2)

Implementing New Commercial Real Estate Technology

Adoption Timeline — Implementing New Commercial Real Estate Technology

The biggest hurdle for most new technologies is inertia.  Firms and its employees have been very successful doing it one way.  There’s an institutional muscle memory around..

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The top 7 features our clients rave about

Top 7 Features That Our Clients Rave About

It wasn't easy to whittle down the list to a top 7, but we did it! Here are the top seven LoanBoss features that our clients rave about. 

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disrupt is a four letter word in fintech, innovation should enhance instead

Disrupt is a Four Letter Word in FinTech

Disrupt is the most overused word in FinTech.  Everyone promises to disrupt.  But why?

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3 Reasons Commercial Real Estate Has Been Slow To Adopt Technology

3 Reasons Why Commercial Real Estate Has Been Slow to Adopt Technology

Reasonable people disagree on whether inflation is transitory (it is).  They disagree on whether a transition to SOFR is really just exchanging manipulation by 20 banks for just..

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fintech buzzwords we hate

Top 10 FinTech Buzzwords We Hate

You know how a song gets overplayed on the radio? And then you can't stand it? These 10 buzzwords have the same effect.

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workings turning automation into innovation

Turning Automation Into Innovation

Today's commercial real estate professionals have never been so forward thinking, while impressively managing all that's on their plates. Every team we know is a lean machine..

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