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Industry Insights: Interest Rates

Top 5 Tips to Optimizing Debt

The Commercial Real Estate world runs on debt. Without it, the industry as we know it would not exist. Commercial debt is what allows the real estate world to go round. But for..

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Should You Refinance Today?

There are a ton of factors that play into a refi decision — does it fit the business plan, would a sale be more attractive, should you just add a supplemental or two?  And if you..

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debt and taxes in commercial real estate are unavoidable

Debt and Taxes — The Unavoidable in Commercial Real Estate

A few weeks ago, we sat down with our Director of Sales, Daniel Roehl, to talk about the impact that LoanBoss is having on the real estate industry. There was one topic we..

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debt is the most expensive cost center you're not thinking about

Debt is the Most Expensive Cost Center (You Don’t Think About)

Debt is core to real estate the same way fuel is to the airline industry, yet firms don’t manage debt as actively as airlines manage fuel. 

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new deal checklist: when to pick fixed vs floating interest rates

New Deal Checklist: Fix vs Float

In our New Deal Checklist, we've talked about the term mismatch premium and prepayment penalties. Now in Pt 3, let's dig into fixed rates versus floating rates.  Is one rate type..

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new deal checklist: prepayment penalties as part of your total effective interest rate

New Deal Checklist: Prepayments (as an Effective Interest Rate)

In part 1 of our New Deal Checklist, we talked about how a mismatch between your loan term and how long you hold presents a hidden premium.  For part 2, we are putting your..

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what is the repo market?

What is the Repo Market?

SOFR was really the repo that came to the forefront. And we all know it's meant to ultimately replace LIBOR, but it's nothing but a repo rate — it's just a short-term rate backed..

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new deal checklist: term mismatch and what it's costing you

New Deal Checklist: Term Mismatch and What it's Costing You

A few months ago, we had a borrower ask a brilliant question.  "Have we been making the correct financing decisions historically, or can we do better?"  In other words, that..

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interest rate brain teasers

Interest Rate Brain Teasers

Want to test your knowledge of interest rate concepts?  You've come to the right place!  These questions are the ones we use when sending new team members through LoanBoss..

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