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Industry Insights: Loan Docs

What to Know Before Your First CMBS Loan

What makes a CMBS loan and why is it unique? In a nutshell, a CMBS (Commercial Mortgage-Backed Security) loan is a type of commercial real estate financing that has been..

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how loan documents have changed due to COVID-19

How Loan Docs Have Changed Due To COVID-19

We started seeing "COVID-19" provisions written into loan documents around June 2020. It began with modifications for our clients who own hotel and retail assets, and it has since..

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mistakes lenders might make in their own loan docs

Mistakes Lenders Might Make In Loan Documents

We talked to our resident loan experts about the most difficult aspects of abstracting a loan, and one of the biggest issues was a bit of a surprise. Sometimes, your lender makes..

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Abstract Questions You Should Be Asking

Loan Abstract Questions You Should Be Asking

We asked our resident loan expert some hard-hitting questions about commercial real estate loan documents and she had a lot of insight to offer the hardworking real estate teams..

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