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Industry Insights: Prepayment Penalties

What to Know Before Your First CMBS Loan

What makes a CMBS loan and why is it unique? In a nutshell, a CMBS (Commercial Mortgage-Backed Security) loan is a type of commercial real estate financing that has been..

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debt and taxes in commercial real estate are unavoidable

Debt and Taxes — The Unavoidable in Commercial Real Estate

A few weeks ago, we sat down with our Director of Sales, Daniel Roehl, to talk about the impact that LoanBoss is having on the real estate industry. There was one topic we..

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new deal checklist: prepayment penalties as part of your total effective interest rate

New Deal Checklist: Prepayments (as an Effective Interest Rate)

In part 1 of our New Deal Checklist, we talked about how a mismatch between your loan term and how long you hold presents a hidden premium.  For part 2, we are putting your..

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mistakes lenders might make in their own loan docs

Mistakes Lenders Might Make In Loan Documents

We talked to our resident loan experts about the most difficult aspects of abstracting a loan, and one of the biggest issues was a bit of a surprise. Sometimes, your lender makes..

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interest rate brain teasers

Interest Rate Brain Teasers

Want to test your knowledge of interest rate concepts?  You've come to the right place!  These questions are the ones we use when sending new team members through LoanBoss..

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