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Top 7 Features That Our Clients Rave About

The LoanBoss Team April 29, 2021

It wasn't easy to whittle down the list to a top 7, but we did it! Here are the top seven LoanBoss features that our clients rave about. 

top features our clients love about our debt management tool



1. Prepayment Calculator

Our clients love the prepayment calculator because it eases the pain of a very tedious process. To rerun analysis on a property, once a month or once a quarter, they normally have to start from scratch every single time. With LoanBoss, it is all automated, and we even have forward interest rates so they can look ahead when they're budgeting.

LB Prepayment calculator showing complex caluclations done with a click of a button


2. Refi Proceeds and Cash Out Calculator

Clients love that they can set stock assumptions about where different loan types would refinance and they can do this daily. Most clients take a look in LoanBoss at what their net cash out would be and this makes refi decision-making a piece of cake.

Refi Proceeds calculator instantly giving a cash out amount for any given loan


3. Automated Reports

Most people have several reports that they run over and over again, monthly and quarterly. Each time they run the reports they have to update all of the numbers, the cashflows, the interest rates etc. With LoanBoss and its live interest rates, those reports are generated automatically from their centralized data. You can read more about a few of the automated reports LoanBoss offers here

Automated Reports able to be replicated from any internal report needed


4. Notifications

Our clients love this "set it and forget it" feature and the fact that they'll never miss another trigger! Read more on what could happen if you miss a deadline here

notifications for calculation based alerts and date based reminders


5. Quick View of Loan Doc Language

Asset Managers, in particular, love this feature because they're constantly having to go to their loan documents to check on different information. Instead of digging through Dropbox, hard files, or outlook, in LoanBoss they always have their loan docs a few clicks away. 

innovative technology that links the exact section of the loan doc to the deal it is associated with for easy access when needed


6. Quote Comparison

Great for Acquisitions teammates and Asset Managers handling refis, this tool allows our clients to line up term sheets and perform projected analysis on effective interest rates, prepayment penalties, and more.

matrix to compare different quotes, line up term sheets for easy analysis


7. Freddie's Required Repairs

For our multifamily clients, every deal has a tracker for Freddie's required repairs, with deadlines and completion notes. Another plus on this: any field in LoanBoss can have a report built around it, so Freddie borrowers can track their necessary repairs at a portfolio level.

Repairs schedule for Freddie Mac requirements



Here at LoanBoss, we create features to make your life easier. Learn more here!

Check out how we automate so you can innovate

Feel free to reach out to theboss@loanboss.com with any questions!