This is the beginning of a relationship, so it’s important you have a team of knowledgeable resources to help coordinate the onboarding and implementation process.

The Onboarder

This is your onboarding quarterback. While there is an entire LoanBoss team working hard behind the scenes to input all of your loan and property data, you will have one point of contact to guide you each step of the way.

The Expert

LoanBoss has incredibly dynamic analytical tools and business intelligence capabilities.

LoanBoss experts will help your team maximize the full potential of the system.

The Advocate

Our success is directly connected to your satisfaction with LoanBoss, so you will have a single point of contact after onboarding and implementation is complete. Not only are they your team’s primary point of contact, they are your voice.

“The implementation process was very smooth. The LoanBoss team worked seamlessly with our team to onboard our portfolio and ensure the data was accurate.” 

John Majeski, The Donaldson Group


LoanBoss Initial onboarding and implementation for your commercial real estate loan and property data.

The LoanBoss in-house team of loan specialists will do all the heavy lifting for your team. We do not outsource the loan abstraction process! Garbage in, garbage out. The LoanBoss team understands that each loan is unique and appreciates the subtle differences between yield maintenance and defeasance.

After abstracting, each loan undergoes a rigorous QA process to ensure accuracy and transparency. All critical items are checked at least twice and ultimately reviewed by your own team as well.

You will receive customized Alerts and Reminders, so every time you send us a new loan they are automatically built with your preferred notifications.



Once a quarter, LoanBoss will connect with you to update your data including new loan closings, sales, modifications, and hedges.

Property specific data like NOI and occupancy will also be updated.

And there is a process to check if any loans have been securitized since that can impact prepayment calculations.

Just like the initial onboarding, LoanBoss will do the heavy lifting. Just send the information and it will get entered into LoanBoss. This means your team focuses on your business.


LoanBoss Success Team

Once you are up and running, you will have a Client Advocate that is your primary point of contact. They ensure your team has all the resources it needs to be fully successful.


The LoanBoss support team is available via email or phone to answer all questions.

Our support team is available via email or phone to answer all questions, both big and small.