Manage your commercial real estate debt portfolio in one integrated system. LoanBoss seamlessly integrates market data across the critical details of your debt portfolio. This allows you to focus on making more informed decisions and optimizing returns, and less time on keeping track of paperwork.

LoanBoss manages all aspects of the financing within a single platform, from pipeline through disposition.

  • Pipeline management
  • Comparing quotes
  • Automated prepayment penalties
  • Check covenants
  • Contingent liabilities reports
  • Analyze all historical quotes
  • Project floating interest expense

Unlock your portfolio’s full potential with actionable data.

Get the insights you need to make better decisions faster.

Save time – instantly know what your prepayment penalty is, or your projected rate.

Organize all your loans in one platform.

Stay on top of your rapidly growing loan portfolio! You will benefit from live triggers for critical metrics like, DSCR, debt yield, and hedge provider ratings.

Develop a deeper understanding of your borrower’s portfolio.

Streamline your pipeline, manage your clients’ loans, and identify refi opportunities.

All of the data, just one click away.

Wouldn’t it be great if your Monday morning pipeline meetings were more efficient?

  • How up to date is your information?
  • What if a team member updates one spreadsheet but not another?
  • How much time is spent trying to compare quotes from lenders?

The Pipeline Dashboard helps your team collaborate within a real time environment.

Instantly analyze and compare quotes in various interest rate environments. Get your broker or lender to input the quotes for you, while restricting access to the necessary screens.

“Think about how much data we gather and ultimately discard at the closing table. Why not save that data so you can use it in the future?” – The Boss

LoanBoss Pipeline