Powerful Commercial Real Estate Analytics

How much time does your team spend compiling the same data over and over again each month?
With LoanBoss, all the information is already stored and updated, so your monthly reports are always at your fingertips.

  • LoanBoss Lender Exposure
  • LoanBoss Prepayment
  • LoanBoss Add Alert
  • LoanBoss Dashboard
  • LoanBoss Dashboard
  • Lender Exposure

  • Prepayment Penalties

  • Contingent Liabilities

  • Schedule of Real Estate Owned

  • Loans with Extensions

  • Hedges

More importantly, LoanBoss empowers you to create your own custom reports. Want to know how much in lender fees you paid last year? Or how spreads are trending?

Rather than assign the task to a team member, simply click a few buttons and the information is at your fingertips.

Your team has an incredible amount of covenants and deadlines to track. Let LoanBoss help keep track of those critical items!

Alerts are calculation-driven notifications.

  • DSCR > 1.50x, loan qualifies for spread reduction

  • Debt Yield < 9.50%, Minimum Debt Yield threshold

  • Prepayment Penalty < $700,000

  • DSCR < 1.15x, cash management provisions triggered

Reminders are calendar-based notifications.

  • Prepay lockout period ends in 90 days

  • Extension notification due in 30 days

  • One year since loan closing, check on Freddie supplemental

  • I/O ends in 60 days

Set it and forget it – let LoanBoss keep track of the details so you can chase deals!