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The Connor Group Case Study

The LoanBoss Team July 26, 2022


 The Connor Group is a nationally recognized real estate investment firm that owns and operates luxury    apartment communities across the United States. They have more than 900 investors, $3.5 billion in assets, and operate in 16 markets across the country.

Their goal is to dramatically increase the value of communities by significantly improving the bottom line and customer satisfaction. They are known both regionally and nationally for their excellence and innovation.


With an average hold time of 3-4 years and an average loan payoff in 12-24 months, having a quick, reliable system for abstracting new loan docs and staying on top of covenants and prepayment costs is imperative for timely and accurate decision making.


Connor Group

The Problem

Taking time to manually abstract loan docs and build excel spreadsheets that monitor loan triggers was taking time and focus away from managing and growing the company’s CRE portfolio.


Beyond that, preparation for periods of lender reporting was taking up hours a week for non-agency loans.



The Solution

Implementing LoanBoss freed The Connor Group team from hours of loan abstracting during the acquisition process.

Monitoring loans went from building and maintaining spreadsheets to having the ability to go into LoanBoss and check information on an “as needed” basis.

Optimize your debt -- website

The LoanBoss Edge

LoanBoss helps maximize value from CRE loans and lender relationships by giving you complete control over and knowledge of your loan documents. It helps provide lenders the transparency they need while minimizing expenses and making decisions that unlock ROI.


Copy of Optimize your debt -- website (17)-1


Loan abstraction and digitization provides searchable, digital loan documents so that you can get the information you need without digging through legalese. 




Accurate, real-time event calculations and notifications make sure you never miss a deadline or breach a covenant. 







Automated lender reporting replicates internal reports and arms you with powerful one-click insights into your recourse exposure, refi opportunities and more.



 During reporting periods, LoanBoss saves a day’s worth of work a week  

- Josh Staley, The Connor Group.                                     


Want to see more? Click here to access the Connor Group Case Study as a PDF