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End to End Solutions for Loan Management

  You've already created processes

  that work for you and your team.



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You weren’t hired to compile data.

You were hired to make a difference.

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You spend the majority of your time repeating the same tasks

  • Juggling data from various sources leads to inefficiency
  • Requesting information from teammates becomes a bottleneck
  • The constant verification of spreadsheets is time-consuming
  • Manual processes for pulling loan documents slow you down
  • Copying data between systems introduces errors and delays
  • Downloading forward curves eats into your day
  • Sharing data across the company becomes a cumbersome process
  • Using online calculators adds another layer of complexity

Streamlining this workflow means you spend less time compiling data and more time making a difference.

Your Modern Command Center

If you're someone who demands absolute certainty and wants to oversee every detail of your real estate portfolio, LoanBoss is your modern command center.
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Debt is the most expensive cost center you’re not thinking about

We don't think twice about rolling all sorts of costs into a loan closing. The cost of missing an extension notice? The cost of the wrong prepayment penalty calculation? 
For a fraction of typical closing costs, LoanBoss provides real-time insight on your entire business down to the last decimal. 

$ Billion

Value of Loans Abstracted

$ Billion

Notional Value of Abstracted Hedges


Data Points Abstracted


“LoanBoss is very easy to use, and the ability to run scenarios at the touch of a button has become an invaluable component in our hold/sell analysis at investment committee. We are constantly searching for ways to use technology to gain an edge, and be more efficient with time and resources, and LoanBoss fits the bill perfectly!”

Tom Briney
Origin Investments