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LoanBoss's Automated Reporting feature

Automated Reporting — Building Business Better

LoanBoss has certainly grown a lot since we first started — we've got a lot to offer and we're committed to innovation! We love finding new ways to...

Abstract Questions You Should Be Asking

Loan Abstract Questions You Should Be Asking

We asked our resident loan expert some hard hitting questions about commercial real estate loan documents and she had a lot of insight to offer the...

new deal checklist: term mismatch and what it's costing you

New Deal Checklist: Term Mismatch and What it's Costing You

A few months ago, we had a borrower ask a brilliant question.  "Have we been making the correct financing decisions historically, or can we do...

Podcast Transcripts

Origination | Ep. 10

JP Conklin joins Mordecai Rosenberg, President of Greystone's lending arm, to discuss his businesses and innovation. 

Old Capital | Ep. 245

Where are interest rates going? LoanBoss Founder and CEO JP Conklin joins Paul Peebles and Michael Becker to discuss where interest rates are today...

Multifamily Investing Show | Ep. 12

JP Conklin joins SPI Advisory Principal Michael Becker to talk market forecasting, strategy, and why inflation won't be a concern for borrowers.


abstract template download

Abstract Templates

Download the abstract templates our loan experts use, designed for the loans at hand and pre-populated.

Optimizing Your Debt - The Hidden Cost of Fixed Rate Debt (1)

Optimizing Your Debt eBook

Improve your financing decisions going forward and consider these steps of evaluation. Download today.

new deal checklist, term premium, prepayment penalties, and fix v float rate

New Deal Checklist PDF

Here are some questions you should be asking yourself before closing a new deal. Optimize your debt today and download our new deal checklist!

Case Studies

centralization is important for effective data management

Why You Need Centralization

Centralization grants you instant access to all of your critical data and allows you to easily manage it.

automation is important to reduce human error and save time

Why You Need Automation

Automation saves you a ton of time AND reduces any potential human errors.