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Commercial Real Estate Trivia

Commercial Real Estate Trivia

If you've been following our socials, you would've seen us post some fun commercial real estate trivia facts. But if you don't follow us on any...

Multifamily vs Commercial Real Estate

Multifamily vs Commercial Real Estate

We were posed a question the other day, "is Multifamily considered Commercial Real Estate?" The overwhelming response was... sometimes. So we did...

Stories of Real Estate Obscura

Boats Under San Francisco: Real Estate Obscura Stories

Did you know that part of the San Francisco peninsula is built on buried ships?  


abstract template download

Abstract Templates

Download the abstract templates our loan experts use, designed for the loans at hand and pre-populated.

Optimizing Your Debt - The Hidden Cost of Fixed Rate Debt (1)

Optimizing Your Debt eBook

Improve your financing decisions going forward and consider these steps of evaluation. Download today.

new deal checklist, term premium, prepayment penalties, and fix v float rate

New Deal Checklist PDF

Here are some questions you should be asking yourself before closing a new deal. Optimize your debt today and download our new deal checklist!

Case Studies

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Why You Need Centralization

Centralization grants you instant access to all of your critical data and allows you to easily manage it.

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Why You Need Automation

Automation saves you a ton of time AND reduces any potential human errors.

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Set It and Forget It

Make sure nothing slips through the cracks from date based reminders to calculation based alerts.


Kevin Carney

Listen to Kevin Carney, Managing Partner of Kingsmen Software, talk about how their process differs from other dev shops and Charlotte's startup software market.


John Epsey

Hear John Epsey talk about his hustle growing up, how he knows when a new idea with worth pursuing, and his view on Charlotte as a hub for hot new startups.


Dr. Sharon Jones

Welcome Dr. Sharon Jones on the first ever LoanBoss podcast. Listen to her discuss her rise in the tech education world and her incredible work with her non-profit The Dottie Rose Foundation.