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Enhancing Efficiency, Respecting Your Process

We believe in complementing your workflow, not complicating it. Our software molds to your processes, not the other way around.


Whether you're ready to surge ahead in tech or prefer a gradual introduction, we have the perfect solution for your needs.

Kickstart your journey to efficiency with LoanBoss Lite, a cost-effective solution designed for centralizing your real estate loan data.
Gain one-click access to critical loan provisions, enjoy streamlined document centralization, and enhance your decision-making with intuitive reporting functionality.
Ideal for firms looking to organize and access their data effortlessly.



Elevate your loan management with LoanBoss Pro, building on everything Lite offers, plus more.
Dive into comprehensive and flexible cashflows informed by live interest rates and forward curves. Simplify complex prepayment calculations and hedge mark-to-markets, all while seamlessly integrating with your property accounting systems.
Perfect for firms requiring advanced analysis and integration capabilities
Experience the pinnacle of debt management with LoanBoss Pro +, which includes all the features of Pro, along with our most sophisticated tools.
Customize lender-adjusted NOI calculations to your precise specifications and effortlessly generate Lender Compliance packets.
Designed for the most demanding users, Pro + is the ultimate choice for firms that prioritize precision, customization, and compliance.


LoanBoss Lite

Cost Efficient Data Centralization

  • Detailed abstracts
  • One Click links to loan docs
  • Standard reporting package
  • Customizable report builder
  • Document centralization

LoanBoss Pro

LoanBoss Lite &

  • Property Accounting Integrations
  • Fully Customizable Cashflows
  • Deal Sharing with JVs
  • Live Interest Rates
  • Notifications
  • Real Time Prepay Calculations
  • Complete Reporting Suite

LoanBoss Pro +

LoanBoss Pro &

  • Complex Lender Adjusted NOI, DSCR, and DY
  • Full Lender Compliance Package


We do all the heavy lifting.

No implementation is effortless, but you will have a dedicated team to make it as smooth as possible. LoanBoss was built by real estate professionals for real estate professionals, so we already speak your language.




Lender Compliance

Maintaining Lender relationships is more important than ever. With our full Lender Compliance package we make that communication as easy as possible.

Download a sample Excel Lender Compliance packet

“LoanBoss has enabled us to centralize and organize all of our loan data into a single location with ease of access and customization for our entire team. Instead of spending critical time searching through folders and excel spreadsheets, we are able to make better decisions faster.”

Marc Everett | S2 Capital

Real Time Interest Rates

Automate complex and repetitive calculations with live market data.
Live interest rates and forward curves feed a myriad of calculators.
From prepayments to refis, project and shock NOI, cap rates, loan proceeds, and more for each deal.
+ calculations run every day