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LoanBoss in the Media

Podcast Transcripts

Guest Starring JP Conklin

Origination | Ep. 10

JP Conklin joins Mordecai Rosenberg, President of Greystone's lending arm, to discuss his businesses and innovation.

Old Capital | Ep. 245

Where are interest rates going? LoanBoss Founder and CEO JP Conklin joins Paul Peebles and Michael Becker to discuss where interest rates are today...

Multifamily Investing Show | Ep. 12

JP Conklin joins SPI Advisory Principal Michael Becker to talk market forecasting, strategy, and why inflation won't be a concern for borrowers.

The Future of CRE Investment Decisions

If you missed the CRETech Business Summit, don't worry. We compiled some highlights. LoanBoss founder JP Conklin had the opportunity to join the...