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Industry Insights

Stay in the loop! From commercial real estate and multifamily trends to inside scoops on loan docs, here's everything you need to know.

Debt Ceiling Breakdown

  Sure, that was a little cheeky but this topic is everywhere right now, so we decided to join the Debt Ceiling convo. Here we will breakdown the (some of the) issues in..

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Yield Maintenance 101 for CRE

The Basics Yield maintenance for commercial real estate is a loan repayment method that allows a lender to receive all the interest payments agreed to, even when the borrower..

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Stories of Real Estate Obscura

Boats Under San Francisco: Real Estate Obscura Stories

Did you know that part of the San Francisco peninsula is built on buried ships?  

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Meet Ryan Cunningham

Ryan Cunningham serves as Director of Sustaining Engineering for LoanBoss. Read as he shares what drew him to this role, and what he thinks sets LoanBoss apart.

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When Real Estate Flows - Episode #1

Welcome to our first ever When Real Estate Flows Podcast Transcript. Click here to listen instead!

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The Connor Group Case Study

Overview  The Connor Group is a nationally recognized real estate investment firm that owns and operates luxury    apartment communities across the United States. They have more..

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Working From Home and the Rise of the Hybrid Office

Would you rather return to the office or work at home? Survey shows… a mix of both! Or rather, anything – as long as it’s not a full return to the office. The alternative?..

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Systems to Manage Commercial Real Estate Debt

“Excel isn’t a database…” No sheet Sherlock, Excel is a spreadsheet. Albeit a very smart spreadsheet with many capabilities, switching to a system can mean that all of your..

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