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Tech Talks — Commercial Real Estate Tech Solutions

The LoanBoss Team August 10, 2021

CRE professionals deal with a lot of complex data. Adopting the right technology can help ensure your data is accurate so you can focus on innovation. We attended a few Tech Talks through CRETech+ and here's what some industry leaders think the most important tech solutions should do.

top view of businessman hand working with modern technology and digital layer effect as business strategy concept

Your Tech is Only as Good as Your Data 

with Raj Bhatti — CIO of Newmark


The most important tech solutions... 

1. Automate and aggregate your data

Your tech is only as good as your data so accuracy matters. Automation reduces human error. Manually inputted numbers for calculations and reports are prone to mistakes — we're all human, it happens. Aggregating your data also ensures accuracy; the ability to easily access your data with centralization is paramount in a remote world. 

2. Leverage data sciences

Provide holistic, custom solutions and answers through data analysis. 

3. Are easy to integrate

New tech should work hand-in-hand with your in-house technology and tools. Software should act as an external partner, to enhance your systems, not replace them. 



The Value of Innovation 

with Will O'Donnell — Managing Partner of Prologis Venture

The most important tech solutions... 

1. Are backward looking

Historical insights are important to continually improve, you can see what went wrong in the past. Using data analytics, automation, and digital collaboration, historical features make data actionable. 

2. Are forward looking

Forward looking tech solutions are also important, especially for growth and efficiency. Analyze your data to make the best decisions moving forward. 

3. Address a specific pain point

Software should solve a particular pain point for the users. Clearly define the processes that can be digitized and let software do its job so you can do yours. It is meant to make your job easier, free up your time for customers and innovation, enhance decision making, and more. 



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