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Unusual Loan Terms [3 Strangest Terms We've Seen In Loan Docs]

The LoanBoss Team December 01, 2021

Most people might not find a lot of laughs reading through something as dry as loan documents — but fortunately, our team of loan specialists has a great sense of humor. Here are some of the funniest and most surprising things they’ve seen abstracting commercial real estate loan docs!

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Combing through loan doc after loan doc can get a little boring... Now add in a little bit of ~spice~. These terms definitely stand out against the typically dry legal jargon and we love it so much we wanted to share the laughs. 


  • You can’t lease out any space to a weed dispensary. Not surprisingly, this one is pretty specific to Colorado! While the loan doc itself wasn't worded quite so succinctly, the message was very clear — the building owner needed to look for tenants without such a high calling.
    It's pretty common for loan docs to include what the spaces can and can't be used for — a lot of clients are generally pretty careful about who (and what) their spaces can be located next to — but our team had never seen one that specified a dispensary before! 
  • Old-fashioned is an understatement. Underwriters are big fans of old-school language, like “shall” and “for all time”; it can end up sounding pretty colonial... One of our specialist’s favorite terms includes, “These terms are all at times true and correct.” It's not everyday you get to read that line!
  • COVERING THEIR BASES. Lots of loan documents still contain pages, pages, and pages of details in — you guessed it — all caps. These never fail to amuse our specialists, but since they give every single page close attention, it doesn’t serve to do much else!


Occasionally, there are some unusual loan terms that our team of loan specialists find amusing.

Legal documents don't have to be boring!

Work hard, play hard, right?



What’s the oddest loan term you’ve seen in your docs? We’d love to hear it!

Email us at theboss@loanboss.com.

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