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Loan Faqs

Do I get any tax benefit by taking an educational Loan? :

Once you start repaying the loan, you can deduct the interest amount from your total income while calculating tax. So, the effective interest rate on the loan works out to a lower amount for that particular year.  

Can I apply for loan, jointly with my spouse? :

Yes. It's always a good idea to apply jointly with a co-applicant (either be your spouse or your parents) for a personal loan. This helps you to increase your income eligibility and you can also avail for a larger amount of loan, if you want to, as your co-applicants income also gets added to...
Life Insurance Corporation of India

Life Insurance Corporation of India

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is an old life insurance company in India. It is also the insurer with the largest customer base. The company was formed on 1st September, 1956, with the...
Life Insurance: Children Plan : Jeevan Kishore,   Child Career Plan,   Jeevan Chhaya,   CDA Endowment Vesting At 21,   Marriage Endowment Or Educational Annuity Plan,   CDA Endowment Vesting At 18,   Komal Jeevan,   Jeevan Anurag,   Child Future Plan,   Educational Annuity Plan,   Child Fortune Plus
Life Insurance: ULIP Plan : Fortune Plus ,   Profit Plus ,   Market Plus I ,   Money Plus - I
Insurance Faqs

If I renew policy with the Insurance Company, will I get benefits on renewal? :

You can avail of the No Claim Bonus(NCB) , at the time of renewal, provided no claims are made on your previous policy.

If I make no claim in a year do I get any benefit? :

Yes, there are some benefits of making no claim. If you have made no claims on your motor insurance policy in a particular year, the insurance company grants a discount in the premium during policy renewal called a No Claims Bonus. Insurance companies also reward policyholders for not making...

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