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Insurance Faqs

Why do I need health insurance? :

Health insurance will protect you and your family against any financial contingency arising due to a medical emergency.

Can I get Health Insurance for my entire family by paying one premium amount? :

Yes, each and every company selling Health Insurance has different schemes to fulfill all your health Insurance requirements.

If I have a health insurance policy in Mumbai, can I make a claim in Delhi? :

Yes, your health insurance policy is valid all over the country.

How can I renew my health insurance policy after one year? :

The Insurance Company would send you a renewal notice informing you of the expiry of your health policy.

Will the Insurance Company cover for domiciliary hospitalization (treatment at home)? :

When the condition of the patient is such that she/he cannot be moved to the hospital or when there is no bed available in any of the hospitals, the treatment is administered at the patient's home. Importantly, the treatment is reimbursable under the health plan only if the treatment is...

What are the restrictions on the expenses that can be claimed on a Health Insurance Plan? :

You can claim for the full sum insured, there are limits and sub-limits under the larger expense categories. There are restrictions on the room rent to 1 per cent of the sum insured and other medical expenses which can vary from one Insurance company to another.

What is a TPA? :

TPA stands for Third Party Administrator. A TPA is a specialized health service provider rendering a variety of services like networking with hospitals, arranging for hospitalisation, claim processing and documentation.

In case of an emergency can I only go to the list of hospitals mentioned in the policy? What if the listed hospital is not in the proximity? :

The claims are serviced at both - list of hospitals in the Insurance Policy (network) and any other Hospital (non-network hospitals). Network Hospitals: These are the hospitals that form part of the company's network. Cashless claims are possible for with Network Hospitals. For a complete list...

What do I do in case of a claim? :

In case of a planned hospitalization or emergency services, use your Insurance ID Card at any of the network hospitals and avail cashless service.

How do you decide if a disease is a pre-existing one or not? :

At the time of purchasing a health insurance plan, you are required to fill a form stating your health history and your parent's health status. The illnesses declared at the time of filling the form are considered to be pre-existing diseases.

Does a higher cover mean preferential treatment in case of hospitalization & claim? :

No, a higher cover does not entitle you to preferential treatment. Irrespective of the insurance cover you buy, the network hospitals are responsible for quality of service

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