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Insurance Faqs

Can I claim expenses incurred for my mother's cataract operation in the first year of buying the policy? :

No, you cannot claim expenses for a cataract operation in the first year of the policy. Most insurers have a set of specific illnesses or ailments for which they will not provide cover in the first two years from the commencement of policy; however these would be covered from the third or fourth...

What are the restrictions on the expenses that can be claimed on a Health Insurance Plan? :

You can claim for the full sum insured, there are limits and sub-limits under the larger expense categories. There are restrictions on the room rent to 1 per cent of the sum insured and other medical expenses which can vary from one Insurance company to another.

Do you cover Pre-existing diseases? :

Pre-existing diseases are covered subject to sub-limits and waiting period. These diseases are covered after 3-4 years provided the policy is renewed with the Insurance Company for the said period.

How do I decide on an appropriate cover amount? :

• Age is a critical factor for determining the cover since health risk increases with age.• Pre-existing diseases are covered subject to sub-limits and waiting period.

Are there limits to the number of claims on a Health Insurance Plan? :

There is no limit to the number of claims per annum but there is a limit to the amount that you can claim in a year. Usually, the maximum amount that you can claim in a year is limited to the sum insured. However, special plans that provide surgical benefits and daily hospitalization cash...

If a claim has been made for a particular ailment, does it become a pre-existing disease for the next policy term? :

An ailment for which a claim has been made already does not become a pre-existent disease if there is no break in the term of the insurance policy and it is renewed by the due date. However, the ailment becomes a pre-existent disease and exclusions will apply in the event there is a break in the...

Why do I need health insurance? :

Health insurance will protect you and your family against any financial contingency arising due to a medical emergency.

Does a higher cover guarantee better protection? :

A higher cover protects you from a medical emergency which can turn out to be a tremendous financial setback. Rising medical cost is a major deterrent; therefore, a higher cover would guarantee you a better protection.

What all documents do I need to Furnish to get a Health Insurance? :

You need to fill up an Application form with accurate medical history along with address proof. The company will get your medical test done according to the company policy.

Can I get Health Insurance for my entire family by paying one premium amount? :

Yes, each and every company selling Health Insurance has different schemes to fulfill all your health Insurance requirements.

Do I get an Identification Card? :

An identification card is issued along with the Policy. This card would entitle you to avail cashless hospitalization facility at any of the network hospitals.

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