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Insurance Faqs

What are the restrictions on the expenses that can be claimed on a Health Insurance Plan? :

You can claim for the full sum insured, there are limits and sub-limits under the larger expense categories. There are restrictions on the room rent to 1 per cent of the sum insured and other medical expenses which can vary from one Insurance company to another.

If a claim has been made for a particular ailment, does it become a pre-existing disease for the next policy term? :

An ailment for which a claim has been made already does not become a pre-existent disease if there is no break in the term of the insurance policy and it is renewed by the due date. However, the ailment becomes a pre-existent disease and exclusions will apply in the event there is a break in the...

How do you decide if a disease is a pre-existing one or not? :

At the time of purchasing a health insurance plan, you are required to fill a form stating your health history and your parent's health status. The illnesses declared at the time of filling the form are considered to be pre-existing diseases.

What all documents do I need to Furnish to get a Health Insurance? :

You need to fill up an Application form with accurate medical history along with address proof. The company will get your medical test done according to the company policy.

What is car insurance? :

Car insurance policies provide protection against the losses occurred due to unavoidable instances. It may cover financial loss caused by accidents, theft and other liabilities due to some accident. In emergency situations car insurance can give a lot of relief to the insured. Anyone with driving...

How the premium on life insurance is calculated? :

Your life insurance premium is calculated based on your age, health, terms of the insurance policy and the amount assured.

Why do I need health insurance? :

Health insurance will protect you and your family against any financial contingency arising due to a medical emergency.

Can I get Health Insurance for my entire family by paying one premium amount? :

Yes, each and every company selling Health Insurance has different schemes to fulfill all your health Insurance requirements.

Are ambulance charges covered in my Travel Insurance policy? :

Ambulance charges are covered in your travel insurance policy.

If I renew policy with the Insurance Company, will I get benefits on renewal? :

You can avail of the No Claim Bonus(NCB) , at the time of renewal, provided no claims are made on your previous policy.

What is a life insurance policy? :

A life insurance policy is a legal agreement between an insured and an insurance company. According to that a fixed amount of money is paid to the insured or the beneficiaries at the end of its term or upon the death of the insured.

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