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Insurance Faqs

In case of an emergency can I only go to the list of hospitals mentioned in the policy? What if the listed hospital is not in the proximity? :

The claims are serviced at both - list of hospitals in the Insurance Policy (network) and any other Hospital (non-network hospitals). Network Hospitals: These are the hospitals that form part of the company's network. Cashless claims are possible for with Network Hospitals. For a complete list...

What do I do in case of a claim? :

In case of a planned hospitalization or emergency services, use your Insurance ID Card at any of the network hospitals and avail cashless service.

Does a higher cover mean preferential treatment in case of hospitalization & claim? :

No, a higher cover does not entitle you to preferential treatment. Irrespective of the insurance cover you buy, the network hospitals are responsible for quality of service

Do I need to pay for hospitalization? :

If you are admitted in any of the network hospitals, you can avail cashless facility. Insurance company would directly reimburse all the admissible expenses to the hospital. However, in case of non-network hospitals, you will have to settle hospital bills at the time of discharge, and...

Do I get an Identification Card? :

An identification card is issued along with the Policy. This card would entitle you to avail cashless hospitalization facility at any of the network hospitals.

What is car insurance? :

Car insurance policies provide protection against the losses occurred due to unavoidable instances. It may cover financial loss caused by accidents, theft and other liabilities due to some accident. In emergency situations car insurance can give a lot of relief to the insured. Anyone with driving...

Are there any restrictions on the hospital where the treatment should be taken? :

There are no restrictions on the hospital where you can be treated in case of an emergency. For pre-planned hospitalization, the insurance company or the Third Party Administrator (TPA) should be informed so that they may direct you to a Network Hospital in the same locality.

How the premium on life insurance is calculated? :

Your life insurance premium is calculated based on your age, health, terms of the insurance policy and the amount assured.

Why do I need health insurance? :

Health insurance will protect you and your family against any financial contingency arising due to a medical emergency.

Can I get Health Insurance for my entire family by paying one premium amount? :

Yes, each and every company selling Health Insurance has different schemes to fulfill all your health Insurance requirements.

Are ambulance charges covered in my Travel Insurance policy? :

Ambulance charges are covered in your travel insurance policy.

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