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Apollo DKV Insurance Company Limited

Apollo DKV Insurance Company Limited

Founded in 2007, Apollo DKV Insurance Co. Ltd started with an initial in vestment of Rs. 108 crore. The company is a joint venture between the Apollo Hospitals Group and German DKV AG Deutsche...
Insurance Faqs

In case of an emergency can I only go to the list of hospitals mentioned in the policy? What if the listed hospital is not in the proximity? :

The claims are serviced at both - list of hospitals in the Insurance Policy (network) and any other Hospital (non-network hospitals). Network Hospitals: These are the hospitals that form part of the company's network. Cashless claims are possible for with Network Hospitals. For a complete list...

What do I do in case of a claim? :

In case of a planned hospitalization or emergency services, use your Insurance ID Card at any of the network hospitals and avail cashless service.

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