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Meet Ryan Cunningham

The LoanBoss Team August 08, 2022

Ryan Cunningham serves as Director of Sustaining Engineering for LoanBoss. Read as he shares what drew him to this role, and what he thinks sets LoanBoss apart.

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Q: Tell me a little bit about your background and how you came to LoanBoss.

I came to my position at LoanBoss in a very roundabout way. I was the lead developer on version two of the application when JP and Caleb took their idea to Kingsmen Software in 2018. I worked on the application from the start to the end of the contract. As the contact was coming to an end, I realized that the application was really something special and couldn’t see myself not continuing with it to see where we could take it.


Q: What stood out to you about the platform that made you decide to join LoanBoss?

I have built many applications in my career, but LoanBoss was the first that I saw as something with legs. From the concept to the team driving the ideas, it just seemed like it was more than the typical web form that I’ve always built. The attention to detail for our calculations by our dedicated team has always impressed me.


Q: From a technical perspective, what would you say is LoanBoss' most impressive quality, be it a systems feature or product feature?

It is more than just a feature. LoanBoss is a launching point for a multitude of different ideas. What impresses me the most is leadership’s desire to look beyond what it is, and push to build what it could be.


Q: What problems can LoanBoss help solve for Tech leaders within CRE companies?

LoanBoss will impress any leader with its ability to save countless hours managing complex data and running calculations and scenarios that would have previously taken days or more. What will blow the minds of tech leaders is what we have coming up next.


Q: Is there anything else you want to add about LoanBoss?

LoanBoss is more than just an application. Anybody can build a web form to manage some data. What makes LoanBoss special is the team behind it. We live and breathe this application. We take it personally when it doesn’t work exactly like our customers expect. We do everything in our power to make sure that every interaction is something special.



Learn more about what makes LoanBoss different at LoanBoss.com

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