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Turning Automation Into Innovation

The LoanBoss Team February 12, 2021

Today's commercial real estate professionals have never been so forward thinking, while impressively managing all that's on their plates. Every team we know is a lean machine operating at maximum efficiency, and they constantly seek ways to gain an edge and be even more efficient with time and resources.

The LoanBoss goal since day 1 has been to not only make these peoples' lives easier, but also to join their team as a powerful tool with a sharp edge. Architects have hammers, chefs have knives, and CRE professionals have debt management software

The Command Center You Need, using automation to present data in an actionable way

Transforming your data into insight and opportunity can save you days of time, make investment committee analysis a breeze, and make everything easily accessible for the entire team. But what exactly can you automate with the right software?



Budget and Strategy

If you have your loan abstracts, live interest rates, and a Business Intelligence hub, there's so much you can calculate and analyze. 

  • Interest budget - Deal by deal projections based on forward curves. See your interest expenses for the life of each loan, particularly valuable for your floating rate debt.
  • Lender Exposure - Evaluate your debt by loan type and lender to determine the extent of your exposure. Need to know how much is outstanding with Wells before meeting them for lunch? You can find out exactly how much (and exactly which deals) in a snap.
  • Loan Summary - See your debt maturity schedule laid out with extension analysis and fix vs float balance.
  • Prepayment and MtMs - Get precise prepayment penalties and mark-to-market numbers using live interest rates for today and until maturity. And see what happens if rates shift up or down by 50 or even 100 bps.
  • Refi Cash Out - Keep tabs on strategic opportunities with your refi assumptions. Automated cashflows and live interest rates do the work for you, and you can see what you'll get out of a refi today.

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Not only can multi shops automate those REO Schedules that take days to get together, but they can also stay on top of their financing opportunities.

  • SREO - Taken straight from Fannie and Freddie's website, this report is automatically ready to export and send off whenever you need it. It also makes for a great dashboard across all shops to see the high-level details of their portfolio in one place.
  • Supplementals - Keep tabs on your eligible deals and max proceeds. Also find some pricing color and credit guidance to gauge your spread and covenant expectations.
  • Agency Deals Dashboard - See your Freddie and Fannie deals in one spot with all the information you'd need to know. Automated cashflows and live interest rates give your current loan balances, next payment, prepayment penalties, and all-in interest rates.


Value-Add and Construction

For non-stabilized shops, you can more easily stay on top of things like recourse and extensions at the portfolio level - never let things slip through the cracks again.

  • Good News Money - Evaluate your options and deadlines for Good News Money draws by loan.
  • Extensions - Dig into your extension options, the required qualifications, and details on notices and fees.
  • DSCR Projections - Project your DSCR, using forward curves and budget, and compare it to your future requirements. Evaluate how shocks to your NOI affect your covenant satisfaction.
  • Recourse - Review your recourse exposure across your portfolio, broken down by guarantors, lenders, and funds. See in one place what your burndown provision conditions are for every deal.


Historical Analysis

So you can track current debt in a ton of different ways, but there's also value in information retention. When data flows in and flows right back out, it becomes impossible to evaluate past decisions for future strategies. Software can retain that information and present it in ways the lean teams out there would never have time to compile. In a few clicks, here's what you can see:

  • Optimizing Debt - Have you been choosing the correct term for your fixed rate loans? Using closed loan information, you can evaluate what your term premium and prepayment penalty translates to in basis points. Would you have chosen that 10 year deal if you knew your effective interest rate would be 4.00% higher than the rate on your term sheet?
  • Maturities - See the details of how much debt has matured and which hedges have terminated over the life of your portfolio.
  • Quotes - Aggregate your average terms received from your lenders over time, so you can strategize acquisitions and negotiations going forward. 


If these are the types of things you can automate instead of spending days chasing down, what might you now have time to do? Automate so that you can innovate.


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