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Stop Using These 10 FinTech Buzzwords!

The LoanBoss Team February 23, 2021

You know how a song gets overplayed on the radio? And then you can't stand it? These 10 buzzwords have the same effect.


business woman staring at word composite


10.  Innovation – no, usually you just take what I was already doing and made it a little prettier.
9.    Disrupt – sure, some do actually disrupt the universe. But more commonly, technology enhances life.
8.    Big data – simmer down, you don’t have as much data as you think you do.  Promise. 
7.    Agile – your rigid adherence to agile is, by definition, not agile. 
6.    AI/Machine Learning – nah, you probably just figured out a prettier way to show me how you scrape stuff.  Do you know how hard that stuff really is?
5.    Ecosystem – I don’t wanna be in your ecosystem if I have to use the words in this list.
4.    Bandwidth – you have enough of it, you just choose not to use it.  I get it, I’d rather watch sports, too.
3.    Leverage – can’t you just let crusty ol’ real estate keep some words… 
2.    Core competency – you just mean what you do, right?
1.    Excited – everyone in technology is just so excited all the time about everything!  And if I’m not excited enough, then you won’t want to do business with me. 
Oh fine, one more — impressions.  As in, "this marketing campaign generated 87 million impressions."  Sounds like a made up term to compensate for not getting any actual engagement!


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