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The Value of CRE Professionals is in the Last 2%

The LoanBoss Team June 23, 2021

Those of us in the Commercial Real Estate space spend a lot of time compiling data, updating spreadsheets, and paging through docs.  All so we can run the fancy analysis that helps us make a decision.  The heavy lifting is a necessary evil.

business men closing deals


The value of most real estate professionals lies in the last 2% of their workflow. 

The first 98% is really just so they can then get to the fun stuff – growing the business.  Talking strategy.  Executing the business plan.


The first 98% takes a lot of time. 

As we progress through our careers, we frequently push that part of the work to the more junior team members. A few years from now, they will do the same.  Updating spreadsheets monthly has become a rite of passage in most firms. We are an industry with several tasks that should've been automated a long time ago, but we've been dragging our feet.

Why? Here are 3 reasons commercial real estate technology adoption has been slow. 

But it shouldn't be...


Have a software you want to adopt? Here's how you can Persuade Your Colleagues.


Use technology that improves the first 98% of the workflow, because it’s the last 2% that holds all the value.  

Give commercial real estate professionals their time back, so that they can optimize the 2% that will win more deals and help grow the portfolio.

Seek out technology like debt management software that automates/streamlines/centralizes the first 98% to enhance your workflow

Your business doesn’t grow because of the heavy lifting parts, it grows from the strategic execution. 



How can LoanBoss help you optimize the last 2% of your workflow?

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