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Disrupt is a Four Letter Word in FinTech

The LoanBoss Team April 16, 2021
Disrupt is the most overused word in FinTech.  Everyone promises to disrupt.  But why?

disrupting working woman with documents, calls, calculations, etc


Innovation should enhance, not disrupt.  How can technology make me better at what I do?  How can it help me win more deals?  Grow my business faster?  

Commercial real estate software has been slow to gain traction, but the industry seems to be doing pretty well without it. Right?

If it ain't broke, why fix it?  Tiger Woods didn’t tinker with his swing in the midst of his 281 consecutive weeks at #1, why should successful real estate pros be expected to disrupt the very workflow that has made them successful in the first place?

We are wary of software that promises to disrupt and actively seek out solutions that enhance our daily processes. We already know what we need to do, but can it help us do it better?  Here are a few examples from our own experiences:

  • ClickUp streamlined our existing task management processes.
  • HubSpot streamlined our CRM functions and sales pipeline.
  • BreezyHR dramatically improved our hiring process, and we coupled it with
  • Crosschq for applicants to provide references.  

None of these disrupted our business.  None of these resulted in layoffs.  Each made our team more efficient.  They took something we were already doing and made it better.  

HR teammates weren’t hired to be constantly emailing for references or logging resumes, they were hired to evaluate talented applicants. But we found that during the typical hiring process, 98% of their jobs were spent on the mundane aspects, while the last 2% is where they really provided their value.  How could we help them really lean into that last 2%?

The tech stack we have implemented is meant to replace the first 98% of the workflow and optimize the last 2% of our valuable resources. 

Innovation should enhance, not disrupt.


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